Theatre Labs

Creative Spaces for Children, Teenagers and Adults

At TaO!, young people from the age of 8, students and adults get the opportunity to creatively express themselves and develop their personalities in a protected environment. Our theatre labs are spaces of encounter and social interaction, in which people can connect with each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Theatre acting as an immersive and meaningful leisure time activity promotes social and creative skills.

Our theatre labs are an endlessly rich source of experience and energy. They let us find out what young people really care about as well as develop and try out fresh ideas. The labs’ protected atmosphere gives our young participants as well as their workshop facilitators and directors the chance to experiment.

Young people from our lab community often develop a high level of identification with our theatre. Many stay involved with TaO! as actors for years; some even venture into other departments such as directing and stage design. Over the decades, numerous participants have also used the experiences and skills acquired in our theatre labs as a springboard to an artistic career.

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